Stock Contractors

Interested in sanctioning a rodeo with the APRA?  Contact one of these stock contractors in your area if your committee is interested in hosting a rodeo.

Buckeye Rodeo Company
C.E. Taft
14318 Township Road 211
Lakeville, OH
(330) 378-3955


Cross Over the Line Rodeo Company
4848 Quarry Road
Warsaw, NY 14569


Painted Pony Rodeo Company
Shawn & Shana Graham
P.O.Box 459
Lake Luzerne, NY


Pond Hill Pro Rodeo
1683 Pond Hill Ranch Road
Castleton, VT 05735
The O’Rourke Family


Rafter Z Rodeo Company
6190 Weikert Road
Millmont, PA 17845
Stock Contractor:  Shawn Zrowka


Rawhide Rodeo Company
Sam Swearingen
4407 River Road
Piffard, NY


APRA Stock Contractor Requirements 

1. A rodeo stock contractor making application for approval by the APRA must:

(a) Have a minimum of twenty four (24) bulls, twelve (12) horses in both the bareback and saddle bronc riding; twelve (12) calves and twenty-four (24) steers; or show proof of ownership and /or a signed twelve (12) month non-cancelable lease on a minimum of twelve (12) proven bucking horses (both bareback and saddle bronc) and twenty-four (24) proven bucking bulls; twelve (12) calves and twenty-four (24) steers.

(b) Post a One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollar, forfeiture bond, for a period of twelve (12) months. This bond need not be in money. Said contractor may submit a Bond in the requisite amount from any guaranteed security bonding company for the requisite amount.

2. The approval of all stock contractor/producers will be reviewed by the board during the annual review.

3. Any approved APRA stock contractor/producer who has not sanctioned an APRA rodeo during the previous rodeo year will relinquish his approved status during the annual review. Inactive stock contractor/producer must then meet the new stock contractor requirements. The bond will be waived.

4. All new Stock Contractors:

(a) Must have at least three (3) straight of five (5) first sanctioned APRA rodeos for stock to be eligible for the AFR.

(b) AFR stock eligibility will be determined by the stock’s previous year’s merit regardless of ownership.

(c) New stock contractor/producer will be assisted by the nearest director for the duration of said rodeo, to assist in having rodeos conform to APRA standards.

(d) New stock contractors must bring two (2) new APRA first sanctioned rodeos to the Association and not bid on any existing APRA rodeos their first year in the Association.